The Loyez Woessen quality policy

Quality management lies at the heart of LW’s company policy. We meet our customers’ requirements by involving and empowering each and every member of our team at all times.

Quality is everyone’s concern.

Our quality program is based on the following principles :

  1. To eliminate any and every danger to health through a rigorous set of HACCP procedures ;
  2. To maintain at all times strict compliance with product specification and regulations ;
  3. To achieve continuous improvement through corrective and preventative measures in all matters relating to quality and service ;
  4. To leverage the structure and organisation of all internal procedures towards optimising efficiency and performance ;
  5. To increase profitability in partnership with customers and suppliers ;
  6. To respect and protect the environment ;
  7. To respect the "Code du travail" legislation  in all respects and maintain the highest ethical standards in all internal and external relations.

To maintain this quality philosophy, the management team at LW depends on all stakeholders and pledges itself to ongoing investment and to the motivation and empowerment of its team.

The real measure of the achievement of total quality lies in the satisfaction of our customers

LOYEZ WOESSEN has held IFS since 2005.