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Experience, traditions is who we are since 1922

At the heart of the European dairy basin, our plant is strategically located to receive the raw material, and to export our quality finished goods.
The company LOYEZ WOESSEN was founded in 1922 and specializes in the packaging and distribution of premium quality european butter. It started with the merger of two-family companies in the North of France. We are proud of our 100 years of long experience ! LOYEZ WOESSEN occupies a leading position in the butter sector while staying customer focused.

It is my personal commitment to deliver the best quality product and service to our customers.

Our competitive advantages
High Service Level: >99,5%
Quality stability
Specific process
(texture & spreadabilty)
Availability, adaptability
and quick feedback
Strategic location (Northern France)
Our Brands

Thanks to our technological mastery and compliance with the strictest European hygiene and quality control standards, LOYEZ WOESSEN is a reliable and efficient supplier to its partners. Throughout the production, at every step, each employee is involved with the quality of our product. The quality management system has always been at the heart of our company's strategy. Its objective is the satisfaction of its customers. The organization is IFS High Level 7 certified, which guarantees food safety and production quality.

Because the quality of our products depends, above all, on the quality of our raw material, LOYEZ WOESSEN is very attentive to its origin. To obtain good butter, cows have access to pasture as soon as the climate allows it.
Our suppliers limit the number of animals on their farm and focus on animal welfare. The organic farming certification, obtained in 2018, adds to this direction. They guarantee feed mainly composed of grasses and fodder. This certification is part of a sustainable development approach.

The dream Team
Management Team

Xavier Burette
Chairman and CEO

Pascal Jallet

Pascal jallet

Our Staff

As an independent company with 100 years of experience, LOYEZ WOESSEN guarantees its customers taste, quality and food safety thanks to our know-how, recognised both in France and abroad.

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