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As an independent company with 100 years of experience, Loyez Woessen guarantees its customers taste, quality and food safety thanks to its know-how, recognised both in France and abroad, in terms of butter itself and its distribution. Ideally located in the heart of the European dairy basins, Loyez Woessen enjoys easy access to raw materials, its logistic platform being an ideal starting point for distribution in France, Europe and for export. Reliability, responsiveness and flexibility guide the organisation of our human-sized company. Beyond the quality of taste, Loyez Woessen, through its connection to the dairy industry, guarantees and makes your supplies of packaged butter reliable. Our main indicator remains customer satisfaction.

An internationally-oriented player committed at the local level

As an internationally oriented player, committed at the local level to meet consumer trends and the growing demand for local products, Loyez Woessen has adapted its Le Villageois and La Charrette brands. These butters originate 100% in the Hauts de France, where they are made from milk from local cooperatives close to our butter factory. Available in traditional formats of 125g, 200g, 8 Oz, 250g, 500g and traditional shapes (rolls and « farmhouse shapes »), our range has been extended with our 2022 innovation, the cardboard butter jar from 150 to 250g, 100% recyclable !

Loyez Woessen across borders...

France is world renowned for its cuisine, and butter holds an important place as an ingredient in this gastronomy. In this context, Loyez Woessen has developed a line of export butters to spread our expertise and traditions beyond our borders.

Our first leitmotiv : Quality

At Loyez Woessen, in order to satisfy and retain existing customers (both distributors and consumers), win new ones, and serve them all well, our quality management system is at the heart of our company strategy. And as quality is at the heart of everyone’s concerns, we rigorously control it at LOYEZ WOESSEN, from one end of the production chain to the other. As a further guarantee of production quality and food safety, our company is IFS Food Highest Level certified. And because the quality of our products depend above all on the quality of our raw materials, LOYEZ WOESSEN pays close attention to material origins and relies on a known supply chain. The Organic Agriculture certification (ECOCERT), which we obtained in 2018 is part of our sustainable development approach. LOYEZ WOESSEN is also Qlip certified for « grass fed » butter, with milk cows pasturing till 250 days a year.

Private label specialist, your products are our products!

Loyez Woessen meets your needs by carefully adhering toyour specifications, down to the last detail. Through our selective sourcing, we are able to offer you uncompromising quality along with an array of formats (125g, 200g, 8 Oz, 250g, 500g, 1kg), packaging (trays, farmhouse shapes, rolls, cardboard butter trays), and packaging materials (tear-proof, grease-proof, recyclable). You will find so many combinations available among our different types of butter (gourmet, soft, meadow with 250 days of grazing minimum/year guaranteed, organic, of specific origins or with certain characteristics). The main French distributors already trust Loyez Woessen in supermarkets,restaurants, and bakeries, and we have established distribution partnerships in several other European countries. Loyez Woessen has also opened a United States office and has received approval in several countries (Korea, the United States, etc.)

It is my personal commitment to deliver the best quality product to our customers.

Our competative advantages
High Service Level: >99,5%
Quality stability
Without additives
Specific process
(texture & spreadabilty)
Availability, adaptability
and quick feedback
Strategic location (Northern France)
The dream Team
Management Team

Xavier Burette
Chairman and CEO

Stéphane Lhuissier
Group Commercial Director

Our Staff

As an independent company with 100 years of experience, LOYEZ WOESSEN guarantees its customers taste, quality and food safety thanks to our know-how, recognised both in France and abroad, in terms of butter itself and its distribution.

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